The TrackBarn Logo

The client requested a logo that can make the words Track Barn "sexy."  The original logo was a simple TB.  The logo change was part of a whole brand upgrade.

Camp Balcones Springs needed a substitution for their usual face to face recruitment due to Covid-19 restrictions.  Our solution was a social media (Facebook and Instagram) campaign.  The content ranged from addressing parent fears to fun activities the camp offers.

Camp Balcones Springs


The Slap Me BBQ Logo

Somebody Slap Me That's Good BBQ is a home based business that was ready to draw some attention to itself.  Fire, the owner's names and attention to their faith were the requirements for this logo.  

TrackBarn was attending a CCCAT (Cross Country Coaches Association of Texas) Annual Coaches Clinic and as a guest had an opportunity to have commercials played during the event.  The objective was to get the new logo out there and show off some of the company's offerings.

Track Barn Commercials


The Guided Pathways Logo

Guided Pathways was a new business based in Fort Collins, CO.  As a counseling service the client wanted to communicate forward motion and tie in the importance of nature in the healing process.

Somebody Slap Me!

Brian and Angel had not been on social media and wanted to use it as an avenue to get their name and products out there.  They chose a month long campaign of videos and short animations to showcase their products, services and website.